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"Anti-racism, one classroom at a time"
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Let's Do This Together

In order to  bring about educational justice and positive change in our schools and organizations, we must incorporate anti-racism. Anti-racism calls for us to specifically address systemic racism and the history of this nation. Although you may not be actively racist as a person, it is critical that we contend with the systemic racism that is pervasive in education. Anti-racism means we acknowledge this and begin to undo the harm that it has caused.

Our Approach

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We are hands-on and unapologetically optimistic.

We believe that this work can be accessible and exciting for everyone, we don’t leave anyone behind.

Our partners represent all different levels of familiarity with the work, and we are confident that we can meet their variety of needs. We also know that the work takes work. There are no quick fixes or one-hit wonders. Despite the challenges, we are relentless in our pursuit of educational justice. 

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Our Partners

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Meet Deonna 

Deonna is a doctoral candidate, advocate for educational justice, teacher and abolitionist. Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, Deonna grew up navigating a system that was built to suppress and marginalize Black and Brown kids.
Deonna’s passion for justice began early, as the only student of color in most places, and a first generation college student, Deonna experienced firsthand the corrosive nature of systemic racism. Deonna uses her experience, expertise, and passion to support teachers and advocates in their journey. 

Wonderful! Really helpful in helping me recommit to this work and made it seem less overwhelming, as now I have a plan and a few goals to do in the next week, month, and school year. Thank you for your work, Deonna!

Anti Racism

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Learning about other cultures and diversity is for EVERYONE even white students! In fact, it might be even more important for students who AREN’T represented in the month! How will kids learn about other experiences if we don’t expose them to it?

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- C.G

Ready to Do the Work?

EdJG or the Educational Justice Working Group, is an online community of teachers and advocates for social justice. Members have access to teaching resources and materials to learn more about educational justice and allyship. In addition to the resources and the community, members are also part of the EdJG book club. Each book is related to educational justice and after reading the text we work through takeaways and action plan for how we can implement the learning from the book. 

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Deonna is truly doing the work that needs to be done. Her expertise and passion are next to none.

- T.F  

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