Meet Deonna

Entrepreneur, school administrator, educational advocate, and motivational speaker

Education Can’t Save Us, We Have to Save Education

-Dr. Bettina Love

Deonna is a doctoral candidate, advocate for educational justice, teacher and abolitionist. Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, Deonna grew up navigating a system that was built to suppress and marginalize Black and Brown kids. Deonna’s passion for justice began early, as the only student of color in most places, and a first generation college student, Deonna experienced firsthand the corrosive nature of systemic racism. After completing her undergraduate degree Deonna sought to be the Black teacher she never had. Years in the classroom exposed just how deep the roots of systemic racism ran. Having a Black teacher wasn’t enough if you were working at a school that refused to confront racism, inequity and bias. As a teacher, Deonna saw how systemic racism impacted her students.


As an administrator, she saw how it impacted her school and even the community. A long-time believer that schools should be sources of joy, liberation and community building, Deonna began working with teachers and administrators who were ready to reimagine schools. This passion and dedication was born out of person experience, and is continually fueled by injustice that we continue to see in education. To center the work Deonna founded the Educational Justice Working Group or EdJG as a professional learning community and resource hub for educators and allies. Alongside her social media activism and consulting Deonna is also wrapping up her doctoral degree at Loyola Marymount University in Educational Leadership for Social Justice. When Deonna is not working directly with educators and administrators, she enjoys baking and hiking.

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