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"At the heart of every classroom is a teacher striving to create a space filled with joy, inclusivity, and positivity. Deonna Smith, author of 'Rooted in Joy,' recognized the need for educators to feel proud and empowered in their mission to foster joyful and inclusive classrooms."

- Deonna Smith


With this vision in mind, she teamed up with Kind Cotton to bring you a complete ensemble of merchandise that celebrates the essence of being a Joyful Teacher.

Our collection includes shirts, mugs, and stickers designed to showcase your pride in creating joyful learning environments. These items serve as a badge of honor, boldly proclaiming, 'I'm a joyful teacher, and I'm proud of it!' Each product embodies the spirit of joy and inclusivity that Deonna advocates for in her book.

Join us in spreading positivity and celebrating the joy of teaching. Together, let's make every classroom a place where joy thrives and inclusivity reigns supreme. Shop now and wear your Joyful Teacher badge with pride!

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Rooted In Joy BUNDLE

This bundle is not just a collection of items; it's an embodiment of the joy we've shared through our collective journey.

 Get Rooted In Joy with:

  • A personally signed copy of my new book, "Rooted In Joy." 📘

  • Two vibrant Rooted in Joy stickers to spread the joy far and wide. 

  • An exclusive, never-before-seen specially designed shirt, radiating positivity. 👚

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