Frequently Asked Questions

What is EdJG?

EdJG - or the Educational Justice Working Group, is an online community of teachers and advocates for social justice. Members have access to teaching resources and materials to learn more about educational justice and allyship. In addition to the resources and the community, members are also part of the EdJG book club. Each book is related to educational justice and after reading the text we work through takeaways and action plan for how we can implement the learning from the book. 

What makes  Deonna Smith Consulting unique?

Deonna Smith Consulting provides customized services for schools and organizations who are ready to do the work but may not yet have the tools, language, or capacity. Deonna blends her decade of experience in the field with her background as a scholar and doctoral candidate. Deonna combines frameworks, theory and practical tools to equip teachers, leaders, and advocates with the skills they need to bring about more equitable outcomes

What is DEI?

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism- there are A LOT of terms flying around in the discourse right now. Diversity, equity and inclusion are usually packaged together as a goal, outcome or set of values for an organization. To keep it simple I use this shorter explanation. Diversity is about who is in the room, who is represented. Equity is more about the outcomes that folks experience at the intersections of their identity. Inclusion speaks more to the policies that are in place ensure that not only is there diversity, but that the environment is supportive and celebrates the difference that each member brings to the community. 

To bring about educational justice and positive change in our schools and organizations, we must incorporate anti-racism. Anti-racism calls for us to specifically address systemic racism and the history of this nation. Although you may not be actively racist as a person, it is critical that we contend with the systemic racism that is pervasive in education. Anti-racism means we acknowledge this and begin to undo the harm that it has caused.

Do you travel?

YES! Deonna is available for travel and virtual consultations and services 

How much are your services?

Please book a consultation to customize a package that works for you!